What Are The Signs Of Tramadol Overdose?

Tramadol overdose can be detected by checking the patient’s eyes. If the size of eye pupil has rapidly decreased, it is an obvious sign of Tramadol overdose. Additional symptoms in the case of overdose include extreme drowsiness and difficulty breathing. You need to contact emergency as soon as possible, if you noticed such signs, otherwise symptoms will take an extreme nature: heart attack, seizures, unconsciousness, fainting may occur. Without prompt medical assistance the patient can even fall under coma due to the overdose with Tramadol hcl.

To avoid such unpleasant consequences you just have to follow all the instructions and recommendations that your health care provider gave you. Take exactly as many tablets of Tramadol 50mg as you are prescribed and never exceed the daily dose, unless your doctor advises you to. Don’t hesitate to call emergency immediately if you suspect an overdose. It really can become a reason of fatal consequences.

Your doctor will certainly ask you about your full medical history before you’ll be given a prescription. And you shouldn’t conceal any facts or drugs you take, even if you think it isn’t so important. Every little thing can cause quite serious consequences, so you’d better get a medical consultation in advance than to face problems with your health later.

Alcohol is unacceptable during the course of treatment with Tramadol 50mg. Serious adverse effects are inevitable, when you try to combine these two substances.

Studies still haven’t proved the safety of Tramadol for nursing mothers and pregnant women. To avoid the damage to the unborn baby’s health consult your doctor first. Pregnant women may not be given a prescription for Tramadol 50mg at all. They may be prescribed another medication with a similar effect, if Tramadol is unacceptable for them due to their pregnancy. The other way is to use Tramadol in lower dosages following special instructions of the doctor.

Patients usually not allowed to take cheap Tramadol tablets if they have ever tried suicide, were addicted to any kind of drugs, alcohol, tranquilizers or depression medicines. Warn your health care provider, if you have some allergic reactions to the components of Tramadol.

There are other contraindicated conditions, which can prevent you from using Tramadol 50mg. Be especially careful with this drug and ask a doctor for advice if you suffer from the following health problems: blockage or paralytic ileus, diarrhea, depression, mental disorders, liver disease, breathing problems, kidney disease, seizures, tumors, brain disorders and asthma.

Every person has his own medical history and should be given an individual prescription from a health care provider. The prescription will be based on your personal health conditions. Using another person’s medication is strongly not recommended. Without individual consultation of your doctor Tramadol hcl can bring a lot of side effects of different severity.