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The full generic name of the world’s most popular painkiller is Tramadol Hydrochloride (Tramadol HCL). Most of the time, people either miss out the second word, or shorten it to HCL. But the APAP is more significant. This refers to a combination between Tramadol and Acetaminophen which is quite often prescribed to deal with the short-term pain following a surgical operation. The brand name is Ultracet. The generic name is shortened to Tramadol APAP.

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Why Tramadol is considered to be the best painkiller?

Pain is certainly not the type of feeling you would want to experience but unfortunately no one can escape it. In fact, pain is the main drive for people to get concerned about their health and visit a doctor. The vast majority of visits to physicians are caused by people seeking relief from pain. Pain has various degrees of severity and can be caused by numerous conditions. In case the pain is really bad and needs to be stopped immediately, there’s a wide range of drugs called analgesics that help in such situations.

Certain painkillers bring a set of side effects when used, but people still choose to employ them because it’s a small price for making the pain go away immediately. Tramadol is one of the most popular solutions in such situation. It is quite similar to narcotics in what concerns its mechanism of action but it doesn’t provide side effects connected with the use of opioids and opiates. Tramadol is employed for relieving moderate to severe pain of various causes.